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My First Dance Class

Transitioning a youngster into a dance program can be tricky and emotionally tough on both parents and children. There sometimes are tears, and often some separation anxiety.

At Endorphin Rush Dance and Fitness we found a wonderful solution to ease the transition into parent-less dance programs; our program: My First Dance Class.

My First Dance Class is a dance program for dancers aged 2-4 to explore movement and creativity in a dance setting with parental participation. This program has a 95% success rate in zero-tears for those who later attend a parent-less dance program such as Creative Ballet or Pre-School Hip Hop.

With My First Dance Class we use a variety of styles of music and dance so the children and parents can determine where best their interests lie. For example, some kids are thrilled to here classical music while others jump for joy with more upbeat tunes.

If you think this may be a great progam for yourself please attend a class. We are starting new sessions in September and currently have space left at all locations. Here is more information on: My First Dance Class

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