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Modern Dance Group

Are we the right match for you?  Quiz!  


Do you enjoy dance-fitness?  (YES, WE HAVE THAT)


Do you enjoy classical forms of dance?  (We have that too)


Are you looking for a high energy afterschool activity for your child (age 4-12)?  (Yes, we have plenty in various areas of Vancouver)


Are you an adult interested in challenging yourself with Vancouver's sweatiest dance class?  (Hint - Dance Bootcamp)


Are you an adult curious about Burlesque?  (ohh-la-la)


Are you an adult curious about Burlesque and wanting to SWEAT?  (Hint - Burlesque Blast)


Do you have a super-energetic child that you want to tucker out?  (We can help)


Does your super energetic child need to chill out?  (We have Kids Yoga)


Do you not live in Vancouver and still want to par-take in Dance Fitness Classes?  (We have downloadable classes for adults (available soon)


Do you want to try something new with your friends or partner?  (Grab one, or three - drop-ins are available)


Do you want an original, fun, birthday party or stagette activity?  (We've got you covered)


Do you work in a schools/member of PTA and are looking for Zumba or Hip Hop activity for students?  (We are often able to head out to schools to provide special activities)


Are you a parent looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your kids?  (We have My First Dance Class for the youngsters, Family Zumba for all ages, and Family Dance Battle!)


If You answer YES to any of these - then WE ARE RIGHT FOR YOU!  


Note:  Instructor Bios coming soon





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