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On April 5th, Endorphin Rush Dance and Fitness held its first Beyonce Inspired Dance Workshop #FlawlessSweatSession in Downtown Vancouver at The Dance Centre.

The session planned to be 1.5hours of sweating, grinding and swerving to a 100% Beyonce Playlist. Warm-up was intense to remixes of Bow Down and Partition as well as a "Steady 130 Beyonce Mix. We moved fast then stretched hard, worked abs like a maniac and once sweat exited our brows we started choreography. We learned 2 full minutes of choreography to a Ring the Alarm and Bow Down Remix.

30 Participants attended the event, and after 1.5 hours some decided to stick around another 30min to continue to dance.

As an instructor it was thrilling to experience the wonderful energy in the room with the motivation for vibe being "unapologetically aggressive and sexual." It was electric to say the least.

Thank you to all participants, you made my Easter Weekend a true treat! Let's do it again sometime

Here are a few short clips from the workshop, click on the images to view the instragram videos

Please let us know what you think, and sign up for our newsletter to be amongst the first notified when a new workshop comes along!

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