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A TASTE of Burlesque with N.E.R.D. and their Song "Lapdance"

Ready for a little N.E.R.D.? We have some choreography to Lapdance for you to check out and even learn at home.

This choreography was taght at UBC Rec in Vancouver, BC. This class is at 6000 Student Union Blvd, and participants may sign up for a whole session or drop-in when able. All of this choreography was learned in one class, and during the next class we are adding on and including choreography with cardigans to TAKE OFF.... Yup, in this Burlesque class we focus on choreography, but also remove cardigans and sweaters to give the sass and tease of burlesque in a welcoming environment for all.

Here is the basic tutorial which put the musical counts together with the movement.

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Thanks for watching!

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