In a dance class you may be surrounded by many others moving and grooving. It can be tempting to make side eye peeks at others in comparison. Don't. Focus on yourself. Breathe with the music and movement and be present in your body. It is the only way. Focusing on others, making comparisons won't make you a better dancer, it will make you a (momentarily) a distracted/disconnected dancer. A disconnected dance session is a waste of a perfect opportunity to be in your body and soul. Be the best version of yourself possible. - Kirby

Burlesque - Peggy Lee - Fever

Burlesque is a sexy and playful dance style which is inclusive, primitive and sensual. The dance moves feel delicious and I love it. Coming up in September there are WEEKLY Burlesque Classes taking place in Vancouver, as well as Burlesque Blast which is a burlesque-inspired dance fitness program. (Registration opens soon) If you are interested in dance choreography tutorials, please become a member of the for exclusive access to downloadable tutorials you can use at home.

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