July 2-5, 2019


Dance Camps

Kirby Snell 

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July 2 - July 5 

Summer Dance

Camps for Kids

Registration is easy, and very easy.  You may register in person at the class location, by phone or online. 
East Vancouver
Trout Lake Community Centre 

Register in Person: 3350 Victoria Drive,Vancouver, BC

Register By Phone: 604-257-6955

Instructor: Kirby Rae Snell

July 2-5:

Hip Hop Breakers Camp age 3-5 - 223216


$32.00 Tuesday-Friday

Register Online

Creative Ballet Camp age 3-5 - 223947


$40.00 Tuesday-Friday


Register Online

Hip Hop Camp Age 5-7 - 223953


$40.00 Tuesday-Friday


Register Online

Hip Hop Camp age 5-7 - 223955


$40.00 Tuesday-Friday

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Hip Hop Camp age 6-10


$40.00 Tuesday- Friday 

Vancouver West

Kitsilano Community Centre

Register in person: 2690 Larch Street
Vancouver, BC

Register by Phone: (604) 257-6980

Hip My First Dance Class - 224382


$32.00 Tuesday-Friday

Register Online

Little Ballerinas Camp age 3-5 -  224386


$34.00 Tuesday-Friday

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Little Ballerinas Camps age 4-6- 224388


$42.00 Tuesday-Friday

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Camp Descriptions:

My First Dance Class: 

An introduction to creative dance. Aspiring little dancers will use songs, movement explorations and games to explore coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness and cooperation. This class for the youngest of dancers to experience a playful class with the support of their parents being present.  

Designed for ages 2.5 - 4 years

Ballet Programs:  Young ballerinas explore the fun and beauty of ballet while learning the basic techniques. They will love playing with their creative expression in this fun class. Children must be able to participate without a parent in the room. There will be a presentation for parents/family on the last day.

Jazz / Ballet:  

Jump, skip and twirl! In this class children will learn a variety of ballet exercises as well as the basic fundamentals of jazz dance while developing their own creative expression. This is a closed class, however, in the final week of the session we invite parents to stay for a presentation of what we have been learning. Parent participation required for 2-4 year old classes

Hip Hop: This non-stop action-packed class includes hip hop, basic breakdancing, and dance games that will have your dancer moving to the beats. Family and Friends be ready to cheer during the final day performance. 

Dance Extreme:  Come and explore a number of different styles of dance with a variety of guest dance artists. Enjoy an energetic exploration of movement in a warm, safe and inspiring environment. Styles may include Latin Dance, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Acrobatic Dance, Creative Movement and Bollywood!