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Endorphin Rush Dance &


Kirby Snell 

Dance //

  Dance Bootcamp!  

Dance Bootcamp:

Vancouver's Sweatiest Dance-Fitness Class! Dance Bootcamp takes the best of dance fitness with a mix of dance styles and bootcamp elements. We incorporate dance into a workout movement/circuit, choreography, and straight bootcamp movements.

Among the dance style covered are salsa, basic breakdance, hip hop and swing. You'll leave sweaty and happy from this high energy dance program.  Drop in $12.38

Creekside Community Centre

Register in Person: 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver BC  

Register by Phone: (604) 257-3050

Instructor:  Kirby Rae Snell


Dance Bootcamp 

March 4 Free Trial


March 11-April 29 (8 weeks)

Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm


Register Online

Drop in $12.38

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